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New OAC online seminar Emancipatory Politics - A Critique (Nov 23 To Dec 5)

THIS SEMINAR IS NOW CLOSED. BUT FEEL FREE TO READ THE DISCUSSION. Welcome to a new seminar which has some unique features. Chief of these…

Started by Keith HartLatest Reply

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and now?

Started by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

3 20 hours ago
Reply by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

"Counting on Change," OAC e-seminar with Erin Taylor (June 22-July 6) is NOW OPEN.

Welcome to the latest installment of the OAC Press working paper series, an e-seminar focused on Erin Taylor's paper "Counting on Change: W…

Started by ryan anderson

8 yesterday
Reply by Keith Hart

Brexit prediction and Weil's theorem

An attempt to show how applications of pure mathematics can work in social sciences. 1. Great French mathematician Andre Weil ( 1906 - 1998…

Started by Michael Alexeevich Popov

3 yesterday
Reply by Michael Alexeevich Popov

Math and Mythology, Exploring Possible Connections

As an offshoot of another discussion, Economics is the Astrology of the Modern Era, Michael Popov and John McCreery have become involved in…

Started by John McCreery

2 on Friday
Reply by John McCreery

Economics is the astrology of the modern era

Ernest Gellner used to say that 'economics is the astrology of the modern era'--this article by Alan Levinovitz takes up and elaborates the…

Started by Huon Wardle

66 on Wednesday
Reply by John McCreery

Jo Cox 1974- 2016

Started by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

0 Jun 18

Upcoming OAC online seminar: "Counting on Change," by Erin B. Taylor (June 22-July 6)

"Follow the money.” It sounds simple. But what if there isn’t much money to begin with? What if there are multiple currencies, including a…

Started by ryan anderson

0 Jun 16

Regarding the Orlando massacre

The Orlando shooting is not and must not be seen as the crime of a muslim but as the crime of a ritualist that follows the rules, establish…

Started by Aimilia Voulvouli

0 Jun 13

New alternatives profils are borning in politic? The Guardian, art. Barcelona, and just now a big conflict

It is very interesting what happens in Barcelona these days in very popular area, GRACIA, 2001 a building of a bank abandonated was ex…

Started by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

0 May 26

New Deadline for Abstract Submission, May 30

Crossing Borders Conference in Lesbos 7-10th of July Visit our fb page for updates

Started by Aimilia Voulvouli

0 May 21



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