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New OAC online seminar Emancipatory Politics - A Critique (Nov 23 To Dec 5)

THIS SEMINAR IS NOW CLOSED. BUT FEEL FREE TO READ THE DISCUSSION. Welcome to a new seminar which has some unique features. Chief of these…

Started by Keith HartLatest Reply

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Jo Cox 1974- 2016

Started by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

9 Jun 3
Reply by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

about the "changes?" could be?

Started by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

1 Apr 30
Reply by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

'why did Homo sapiens allow permanent and intractable systems of inequality to first take root?'

At the end of Wengrow and Graeber's article “Farewell to the ‘childhood of man’: ritual, seasonality, and the origins of inequality” they a…

Started by Abraham Heinemann

52 Apr 15
Reply by Helga Vierich

Invitation to a Discussion: Anthropologists on the Trump Election

Invitation to a Discussion:  What Do American Anthropologists Say about Trump’s Election, and What Does Trump’s Election Say about America…

Started by Lee Drummond

75 Apr 2
Reply by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

Brexit, Trump, mathematics and consequences

An attempt to show how applications of pure mathematics can work in social sciences. 1. Great French mathematician Andre Weil ( 1906 - 1998…

Started by Michael Alexeevich Popov

40 Mar 28
Reply by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

OAC seminar opening soon: The Ontology of Possession in Bahian Candomblé (Open Anthropology Coop is Moving)

The OAC is opening a new discussion venue for its seminars (and all its long-form discussions) - - here

Started by Huon Wardle

5 Mar 14
Reply by Huon Wardle

Sex, lies ...and ...rock and roll,?etc. etc... ,, lullaby, vals, tango, etc.etc. , ...mozart...TIME!

Started by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

1 Mar 6
Reply by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

Considering Sloterdijk

I am reading Melissa Cefkin's "Close Encounters: Anthropologists in the Corporate Arena" (Journal of Business Anthropology, Vol. 1(1). As C…

Started by John McCreery

11 Mar 3
Reply by Huon Wardle


I am not really convinced that Filipinos and Americans wanted change when they voted for Duterte and Trump respectively. I also do not thin…

Started by M Izabel

6 Feb 25
Reply by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

Only public vision?

Started by Cecilia Montero Mórtola

2 Feb 14
Reply by John McCreery



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