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The tories built up a machine of indifference and this machine began to spoil, logically...because it is full of beliefs, reduction of their lives to money, and dont care anything..just to go shopping, gossiping...the reality jumps...


that has a big impact but short goes against the same young people..



.It is sad the betrayed to them, extremely as they did..we can see the low level of their education, menthal health, poorness, etc. In spite of this I know that this crisis push them to have a good place in the society because something is finishing...what world we live to them!



I remember today, only one year and half ago, after a conference in social sciences, some locals saying to me that UK, "

it is a sure place, that I had a trauma and I saw only bad things"...Of course this because I m a foreign who doesnt speak very well English and that unacceptable all my worries about the future in UK and Europe, even I had to listen that the rents wasnt very expensive in London, and nothing could happens, we were sure and in good UK


..I laugh many times instead of crying in front of this kind of denial mechanism that only it is an indication that I was worry was true only an strategy to high a mountain of things..., well like it is not elegant to be worry, it is one of the strong hooks that the tories and many indifferents use the teach ...they are empty, all their energy is around in to build up a mask with a figure..and there is nothing in the other side, could be a small kid full of with needs of protection


How a lot of social scientifics are involved in it? It is not new.


We ought to distinguish between shouting and reality. in social sciences..2.400.000 young people dont care politics, dont vote, is a sad example of many aspects of the society in UK. I know that politics not only goes through politics, that is a reduction..but...


The comments that in that moment I received from people were from under 40 years...were they a question of age? No. I think they were defending the blind covering of their inertia in the middle of many things.

It is not a coincidence of many jokes with cartoons of kids about politics.

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