Can anyone offer advice about the purchasing of a digital recorder? I am managing an oral history research project and have grant money that I need to spend soon. I would like very good sound quality, a recorder that is easy to use and price under 200 dollars--preferably about 100-150 each. Can anyone recommend a brand? Looking forward to your input. Thanks.

P.S. I will travel to Kenya and Sudan with one of the recorders so it should be able to withstand travel stress and high temps.

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Hi Laura,
I'm no expert but i have had very good results (on small, university projects) with the zoom h4 recorder before.
This link has them at $219. You could almost certainly pick them up used for quite a bit less. You can record uncompressed wav files with them i think, which is makes them similar quality wise to a DAT recorder(i think). Not sure if you would need expansion cards etc to record for longer, but if you had computers nearby then that's not such an issue as you can frequently upload the sound files on to them. Not sure about the temp etc either. Definately worth checking out though.

check this link....

Good luck, Lee
I am not sure about the quality of sound you need, but I find that the tiny digital recorder I purchased through ThinkGeek does a great job for my purposes. It is the size of a credit card, has a 1 gb storage, and claims to record up to 69 hours. It recharges via a pop-out USB. You can check the specs for quality.
I use Olympus Digital Wave Player and I have a very good experience with it. It is very user friendly.
Hi Lee: Thank you for the advice; I am also considering the Edirol R-09 hr.--Laura

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