Biodiversity is the Fourth great Plantetary system. It is distinguished by its wholly unique function of creation, which it accomplishes through enzematic, genetic exhange, and carbon's extreme sensitivity to exochange  - a weakness that allows change and a strength that ensures permanence.

In the course of human domination of the planet we have ridden the wave of climate change, weathering  ice ages, mini-iceages, warming periods, etc. The temperature pattern looked much like any biological system in a narrow heart beat of range of change. Until the past 10M years, with the population of the entire planet by humans and the use of cultivated land. In this time the line has flattened, as it does with dead biological systems - it flatlines. 

My question is "what have humans done to create a flatline in planetary climate"? What changes to biodiversity have we accomplished to do this? 

For example, we have eliminated megafauna (mastodon, etc), eliminated wide grazing animal populations (Africa and America and Siberia), eliminated old growth forests (highly efficient carbon stores), released vast stores of nitrogen (agriculture). We created hybrids, narrowed gene pools, and have now vastly increased that genetic transformation by relying on our own very recent ability to integrate genetic stocks that would not naturally occur.

Humans manipulation of biodiversity began 74,000 years ago, it has reached a tipping point so that it may be that soon humanity will be living in a totally different place from where it started. 

Why does this matter?

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