Anthropologist is US nominee to head the World Bank

Jim Yong Kim was nominated by President Obama today to head the Wor...He is a university president who received a PhD in anthropology from harvard in 1993. He co-founded Partners in Health, a nonprofit that provides health care for the poor and is a former director of the department of H.I.V./AIDS at the World Health Organization.

So what do you think of that???

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This  is a good news for Southeast Asia, Keith.  Philippines, for  one, needs someone from the world bank who believes in the connection of health and economics.  HIV-AIDS in my country is on the rise.  Funding that is tied to health is, indeed, needed. 

I just hope that the holistic vision that anthropology provides about the integration on  economic, social and health processes allows to develop, diagram and implement better policies in an area as necessary and important as health

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