How to use anthropological knowledge for development of rural areas?

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Some years ago I made a research trip from Vishakapatnam to Raipur with a taxicar. Was very very interesting. The problem with the rural aeas is: "civilized worldviews" (also of anthropology) project their evolved (spatially extended!) concepts on village cultures. Village cultures are not "primitive", on the contrary: they "created" cognition, aesthetics, social structure, agriculture and sedentary life! Civilization copied all that and "astralized" it to use it as a system of non controllable power! Read the protocols of the Assyrian Kings regarding  their conquest of neolithic Mesopotamian villages in Mesopotamia (ca. 1000 -/) and how they "astralised" the fantastic territorial system of the Neolithic vilages, their ontologically high valued and aesthetic sedentary planning system. They crudely integrated these villages into their state system and used their territorio-semantic system of reed symbols as "astralized gods and deities", in fact what became our "evolved" system of religion! I have studied this type of neolithic village culture in a country which has highly developed it without Western influence and now tremendously profits from this ancient and peaceful rural tradition.  I have written an intensely illustrated 250 p. book about 100 villages and their annual ritual rites. If you are interested, please send me a note. I will send it to you. With warm regards, Nold Egenter (anthropologist of habitat and architecture).

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