It is quite natural that people behave according to their environment and it is also well documented that culture plays a vital role to control behavior of an individual as Meed has pointed out in her study of Samoa but what, i have been feeling since a decade , is related to impatience . I is based on my critical observation  that intellectuals are more impatient than non-intellectuals . why this tendency is taking place or takes ? is it an effect of culture ? is it a matter of hard survival ? Is it matter of comparative life ? is it matter of superiority ? and so many other factors could be involved to answer this question or discussion but as an academician or intellectual what do you find in your personal life or among other in the light of my study , please make your comment

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This is a fascinating question, for which I doubt we will find a simple answer. Two weeks ago I flew from Tokyo to Guangzhou. The passengers on my China Southern flight were overwhelmingly Chinese. I recall being startled at the beginning by how lively and noisy the waiting crowd was before we boarded and was startled by the rush to get up and off the plane that began well before the plane was fully stopped. Yes, China, not Japan, I thought. Then, my memory skips back to my father. I had asked him why he liked fishing so much. He said, unforgettably, "If you just go out in a boat and sit staring at the water, people will think you are crazy." Shortly before he died, he was sitting on his dock staring at the water when a great blue heron flew down and sat beside him. Now that I am aging myself, I notice that the impatience that once left me frustrated and irritated at any delay has lessened. I look forward to its disappearance. Is there a range of degrees of impatience that has some cross-cultural relevance? Is it a function of how we are brought up? Or the situations in which we are likely to find ourselves? Interesting....Very interesting....

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