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We had the initial idea of trying to bring as many undergraduate students together to share their enthusiasm for anthropology, this idea’s shape and substance was created through the involvement of every one here present, both in the past offline event and now here in the online. This is a platform that belongs to us all.

As this event was the first of it’s sort, it was/is in an embryonic stage, plagued by the archaic mechanisms of formalized education. We therefore ask all of you to critically and constructively assess its design and experience of it, as a mark in time. This is so that it can dynamically mould to its future.

We also invite you to use the discussion forums as a field diary, to write and draw as much as you want, and to use it to reflect on the discourses within and enveloping us. The aim of the offline event was to break bubbles together, the aim of the online event is to share this with a broader audience to explore further.              

             The Symposium Team

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I thought I would post this great article covering the event as an intro:


a quote from it: "And this leads me to my final thought: an anthropology for our future is one of profoundhope for the future. Efforts of collecting knowledge, gathering knowledge and sharing knowledge all reveal an implicit and explicit hope that there is indeed a future where our knowledge will be useful. Where what we know is not just understanding, but also changing the world from which our knowledge comes. Ben Macfadyen insisted on the importance of Heideggerian dwelling in his own presentation, and I will end on the same note. When you walk in a mountain and in unfamiliar terrain, you pay respect to the weather, and you listen to the advice of those with more experience. You learn as you go along the pathway, exchanging experience with those you meet on the way. In this way, we act as each other’s guides, sharing knowledge and suggesting directions, but without the power to determine where the other will go."

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