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The Royal Anthropological Institute’s Education Outreach Programme is putting together a publication for schools and colleges in the UK to inform students about anthropology, what anthropologists do and why it is such a key subject at pre-university level. One of the sections of the publication will be on careers. We are hoping to gather a diverse range of profiles from anthropology graduates around the world.


Deadline for submissions 11th March 2013 

What we are looking for:

Profiles of anthropology graduates in various careers who have studied anthropology (either as a Bachelors, Masters or PhD) and who are now working in jobs outside academia. We are looking for graduates with at least 3-5 years of work experience and are working in the public sector, business, NGOs, public health, etc. We are particularly interested in non-traditional career pathways and how your anthropological knowledge and skills are applied in your current position (either directly or indirectly).

What are the profiles for?
A publication for schools and colleges indicating what anthropology graduates do with a degree in the discipline. 

What does the RAI offer in return?
A copy of the publication and a chance to publicise your work and career.

Who is eligible to be profiled?
Any anthropology graduate (BA, MA, PhD) that has at least 3-5 years work experience and is working outside academia. We are interested in anthropologists around the world not only those that are UK based.


How should the profile be written?

The profile should be written in the first person and should be in a journalistic style. Rather than a traditional chronological account of key achievements we are looking for more of an engaging personal narrative. Here are some of the questions we are hoping your profile will seek to answer or explore:

-       A bit about your academic background: which branch of anthropology did you study, where you got your degree, what you did your dissertation on, which work placements you did etc..

-       Your choice of career path(s): how did you choose the career(s) that you have undertaken, did you know what you wanted to do before studying anthropology? What were the circumstances which influenced your path(s)

-       Training/Qualifications: did any of your career paths/jobs require additional training/qualifications/work experience

-       What aided you in getting the job(s) you did? Did you meet any challenges with getting a job within your career sector?

-       How do you currently apply your anthropological knowledge and skills to your work?


Do you have any examples that I can look at?

Yes for examples of the type of profiles we are looking for please see the attached careers brochure or take a look at our career profiles on our Discover Anthropology website. Here is an example:


How long should the profile be?

150-500 words – the profiles will be edited and tailored for the publication but will keep the integrity and factual interest of the piece.

How do I submit my profile?

Please email Nafisa Fera at please also submit a high resolution image of yourself preferably 'in action' at your current job, or perhaps illustrating part of your career trajectory. 

Will my profile definitely be published?

Unfortunately we will not be able to publish all the profiles we receive but will publish inspiring stories that represent as many different career sectors as possible. We may also display some of the career profiles at outreach events such as the London Anthropology Day.

Deadline for submissions 11th March 2013


Thank you very much and we look forward to receiving your submissions!




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