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– F E S T S C H R I F T –

In Honor of

Valtazar Bogišić


A Cofounder of Legal Sociology and Legal Ethnology Research


Dear colleagues,


In honor of Valtazar Bogisic, a jurist, ethnologist and a historian and follower of the Savigny historical school of law, The Institute of Comparative Law from Belgrade shall issue a Festschrift which will include studies on law, anthropology, philology-folkloristics as well as the sociology of the family. 


The Festschrift will be international in character. So far around 40 papers have been announced from Austria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil and Japan.


We would be honored to receive your contribution to the Festschrift honoring this great European scholar with a short or long paper. We welcome papers from different academic disciplines and perspectives. Your contribution can be dedicated to:   


legal customs; historical school of law; 19th century legal theory; legal life; historical and recent developments in sociology of law; legal ethnology and anthropology; medieval customary law; epic poetry and general folkloristics; studies of law and language; legal codifications; emergence of nations in the 19th century; colonization and law; legal paleontology; or to some other topic which corresponds to the above given broad thematic framework.


Deadline for submission of papers:  30 November 2010

Postal submission:  Institute of Comparative Law

                                   (Bogisiceva spomenica)

                                   Terazije 41

                                   11 000 Belgrade, Serbia

E-mail Submission and Contact:

Damjan Rehm Bogunovic and 

In case you are interested, please contact Mr. Bogunovic or Mr. Breneselovic via email about the technical details and further arrangements.

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