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Dear Keith

This is a great idea! I see that you are as busy as ever, and promoting new ways for anthropologists to connect intellectually and virtually... I have been following your recent news, and decided I would like to see what will happen with this new idea for an Open Anthro Coop.

Thanks for including me on your list of recipients - it is always lovely to hear from you.

Hello my friend! What is our purpose here?

It grew out of a conversation on Twitter, subsequently discussed on

I only started it today and we need to get a mission statement out. But basically it is a platform (or a transitional phase to such a platform) for people interested in anthropology, whatever that may be or become, including academic professionals, students and interested members of the general public. You were included in my address book when I sent out invitations today.
Hi Max,

When I started this, I didn't realise that, by doing so, I was making myself the administrator. Is there a way that you and perhaps others could take on such a role in addition to me? I like your suggestions for chat, blogs etc. I have been trying to catch up with the software all day, but I could certainly use your help. There is a facility to add a description, but I didn't want to make that my personal responsibility, given the collective origins of our discussion. So please don't be inhibited in taking initiatives that would quickly add to our options and public presentation.
Thank you very much for adding me to this network. It sounds very promising, although I still have to figure out what it is really all about. The points that you all made so far in the discussion on the thememorybank really do sound like something new.

I am happy to participate and see were this is going.

Wow! I've been away for a day, and look what happens. I suspected that there were many more lurkers out there waiting to see what would happen, and I'm glad to see so many interested people. This network is a great way to keep moving forward.

I have to travel to NY today, so I'll be out of touch somewhat... but please be assured I'm committed to helping build this wonderful thing.

Yikes. This stuff really takes off, doesn't it. Does that mean we are all lonely as we sit at our keyboards? Or not. (the anthropological question: What is 'lonely'? and 'loneliness'? The scare quotes automatically problematize it!)
I sympathise with Keith. By starting this he didn't realise that he automatically become the 'administrator' ! Bad luck, man.
I also have taken a brief tour of the software to try to figure out what's going on, and uploaded some photos of me being an anthropologist, as one does ...
Must get back to the real world before they take my money away from me. I don't actually get paid for this. Hmmmm....



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