Cosmopolitics: The Collected Papers of the Open Anthropology Cooperative, Volume I -- Discussion

We did it. The Cooperative finally brought out the first volume of its collected papers. Here we have papers and interventions by Hart, Shaffner, Wardle, Drummond, Mccreery, Overing, Mintz, Corsin Jimenez, Holbraad, Miller, Swift and de la Cruz & Gay y Blasco. The book is free to read and download (here); for those who prefer hardcopy, there is also a version for purchase at Createspace/Amazon (here etc.)

We are aiming at opening various avenues for discussing the book.You might also care to check out one we have opened on Academia. But obviously its first 'home' is here on the OACning site where the cooperative began. This forum begins a cycle of discussion of the aims and contents of this book, of the different papers in it and of the next steps for the Open Anthropology Cooperative (n.b. this is only Volume I of the OAC's papers).

In the light of the current clash of cosmologies in Euro-America,the book seems more timely even than when we planned it over a year ago. So, this is an opportunity for critical comment.

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