Chris Hann and I are writing a short book with the above title. We hope to submit a manuscript of around 55,000 words by the end of this month. What we have right now is pretty rough. It doesn't seem right to run a discussion group on the topic while keeping quiet about it. So I am inviting readers of partial drafts with feedback in mind (but not compulsory). Here is the table of contents. At least it may give you an idea of the shape of the thing and we could maybe talk about that.

1. Economic anthropology
2. The economy from Aristotle to Marx
3. The rise of modern economics and anthropology
4. The ‘golden age’ of economic anthropology
5. The critique of unequal society
6. Development
7. Socialism, post-socialism and reform socialism
8. The triumph of liberal economics and the cultural turn
9. After the crash: money in anthropological perspective
10.Ethnography, history, critique
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