Elliot Liebow's Tally's Corner and Philippe Bourgois's In Search of Respect

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I'm a sixth-form student and I have decided to write an essay which draws on the findings of Philippe Bourgois and Elliot Liebow in the above texts, to look at inner-city poverty as well as class and ethnic segregation in the U.S in two places at two different times, to find the connections between the two and also look at the historical political economic similarities and changes which influence the life of the people in both studies.


I was wondering if any of you who have read or know something about both these texts could tell me whether this is a good place to go and if so what tips you could offer me. Any help will be hugely appreciated,





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You probably have limited time, Will, and these books are both well worthy of study. But I wonder if they might be triangulated through Whyte's classic study of Boston in the 30s, Street Corner Society. I am sure they were both influenced by him as a pioneer and I usually like to go to the source. You could still make the later books your main focus.
Thanks Keith, I had the same thought myself. I can probably read Street Corner Society in time. I'll at least check if the local uni library has a copy. Thanks :D

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