In my doctoral research on Lebanese migration worldwide, using one village as a case study (1989), I did a genealogy of a whole village in Lebanon. At the time there was no genealogy software, so I made my own system with Word, putting each new generation one tab in from the previous one.

I would now like to put my data into a good genealogy program, update it, and put it in a format (hardcopy and online) that allows others to view it and add to it, but with me having a monitoring capability - to be sure the data is input correctly. Ideally, I want a software program that is free or low cost since I am doing this on my own. I would like the program to allow me to input many different families with some intermarriage among them, and possibly, in the long run, up to 5000 names (or more). I have been using Personal Ancestral File 5.2 which is downloadable free. It has a lot of things for Mormon religious requirements that I don't need, but it allows good input of data, and various means of displaying the data through PAF Companion. What I couldn't get it to do was to do search by first name, or many other variables. I really need a program that is fully searchable, by any field. And I would hope that I could transfer the data I already have on PAF to the new program. I would appreciate any suggestions, and I would love to find a Users Group that could support each other as we work through the program.

One further note, my work now is in volunteerism (as a consultant and trainer), but I do want to continue my research with this same village, and give this genealogy to the village as a gift of my appreciation.

Patricia Nabti

Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from UC Berkeley (1989)

Director, Learning to CARE Institute

Beirut, Lebanon

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 You could also design your own diagrams based on E.L. Shusky's Manual for Kinship Analysis.

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