I'm curious if anyone knows where the oft-quoted, rarely cited statement that "anthropology is the handmaiden of colonialism" originated. I've seen it cited in reference to an article by Levi-Strauss about "Anthropology: Its Achievements and Future" (1966, Current Anthropology), but that article doesn't actually contain those words.

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I'm not sure about "handmaiden..." but Kathleen Gough, I believe, coined the expression "child of imperialism." You might start with her "New Proposals for Anthropologists" in CURRENT ANTHROPOLOGY, 9, 1968; or her polemic "Anthropology: Child of Imperialism" in MONTHLY REVIEW 19 (11), 1968. At that time, we were all her children in one or another way. Hope this helps. Jim Faris
If I remember rightly, it was Talal Asad.



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