I'm reposting this here at the suggestion of Ryan Anderson.

It's long been my belief that anthropologists can increase their public visibility and engagement by working together, especially cross-promoting each other's work. The PopAnth website has been using social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn) to bring attention to articles written by anthropologists in newspapers, on blogs, in books, and so on. 

Recently, I've had conversations with Tricia Wang (Ethnography Matters), Matt Thompson (Savage Minds / DANG) and Ryan Anderson (Anthropologies Project / DANG) about furthering collaboration. We agreed that it would be a great idea!

 My question is: how do we best coordinate?

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Ryan replied:

" I think there are three issues here: 1) how do we all find a way to coordinate with one another and bring all of our various projects and conversations together?; 2) the need to create an organized, central resource that anthropologists can use to look into open access, how to write for the public, ideas about getting published, etc; and 3) the creation of a site/project/media outlet that targets a wider audience (not anthros)."

Ryan, I agree that we need ways to bring our conversations together, hence this post. Some people have had tech difficulties logging in so I posted it on the OAC's Facebook page as well. I'm wondering whether we need a listserv, though they can also get annoying and clunky.

With point two, I absolutely agree that we need a central site where we can put info about open access and writing for the public. Is there somewhere that already exists that would be appropriate?

Regarding point three, that's why we made PopAnth :-) It doesn't target anthropologists. We put a lot of editorial work into making sure that's the case. But that doesn't mean it can't be improved, or that there isn't room for more sites!

Consider the following model —Dissent.

I agree with Ryan's three points. I'd say that #1 and #2 are essentially of the same type - a workspace for interested anthropologists and a platform to organize all the resources they need/collect/produce. Of course the OAC hoped to achieve some of that (especially #1), but for #2 there would need to be a team of curators putting this stuff together in an accessible format. Probably a wiki would be most applicable, but again that takes labor and we had no luck with the OAC wiki. I think PopAnth is doing a great job at #3. I'd like to know what other projects are out there. Where are all the magazines or blogs or YouTube or social media accounts putting out anthro research targeted at general audiences? Does a list exist somewhere and I just don't know about it?

Maybe it's time to ask if we can drum up a small team to have another go with the OAC. Late 2013/early 2014 would suit me.

Hi all,

I've compiled all of the anthropology blogs and columns that I know about into my RSS reader. It includes everything on Jason Antrosio's list and a few others. I've attached it below. All you have to do is download it and import it into your RSS reader of choice. I just ask that if you find new ones, please let me know :-)

Gawain and I have also started a popular anthropology wiki. We went ahead because we figure it's a low-effort way to start getting this stuff written down. It could either stay there permanently or the info could be exported somewhere else. Thus far all I've done is spend a couple of hours creating a structure and throwing in any ideas / links I can think of. I still haven't figured out how to use it properly but when we get a chance we'll sort it out and add instructions so that anyone can easily use it.

Keith, what are your ideas for the OAC?




Erin, it has been clear for some time that the OAC lacks dynamic leadership. Basically, I have been doing routine administration and Fran has been keeping the site functioning. But it is obvious that we need to resolve some basic problems of site operations and to launch some new initiatives, so that our members get a sense of leadership and direction from a renovated team. This year has been a hard one for me. I keep promising to launch such an initiative, but I have beem playing catchup all year and never had the energy to launch the relaunch.

I have, however, received a number of qualified offers to help, mostly to do with availability and timing, from Ryan Anderson, Kate Wood, Avi Heinemann, Elaine Forde, Huon Wardle. Fran Barone and Justin Shaffner are waiting to see if any of this actually materialises before committing, but they have got us this far and we will surely be able to draw on their knowledge. Fran and I have a chapter on the OAC in press that I have made available from time to time. The analysis we offer should inform any attempt at a renewal. I am ready to have another go, but I hope without sole responsibility to keep the show on the road this time.

I imagine that a new committee would discuss priorities and individuals or pairs might propose some initiative or other that interests them. The need for routine administration is not great, but there will be a need to redesign the site and its navigation. The fact is that we have 7,500 members on our books from around the world and several tools for reaching a good part of them. I understand that people might be wary of being drawn into a talking shop that does little and demands a lot. But we only need 4 or 5 activists at any one time and perhaps a small pool of reinforcements whose commitment is more sporadic.

The emphasis on coordination of engagement across various anthro sites is a good one. Our job would be to find out quickly what interested individuals would be enthusiastic about trying here. I have long experience as a netwrok entrepreneur and I believe only two principles count: 1. that individuals can find something to do here that they could not easily replicate elsewhere and 2. that people will join the network for as long as they believe participation in the collective gives value added and will leave it when they don't.

Organizations like this always seem to be a closed shop from the outside, but I can assure anyone reading this that those of us who have been in charge have no hidden agenda to keep things the way they were. We have to build on what is there, but my interest in making this appeal is offer a zone of free engagement to anyone who feels there may be life in this old dog, the OAC, yet.

I´m agree with you it is important each time, more with the social changes with their own vleocity now, it is necesary to give an intensive public view of Anthropology...

First I think not only think in the media as a solution of view, the action in different levels of the institution of our complex society could be a step.

For example, to send letters an invite conferences to the councils, neighborhood asociations could be rejected but some no. Giving public conferences there..and obviusly continue in the media but not only...it is a contradiction for us to limit in that order only we should through it...

And also to asume that our public vision depends also of the historic moment and places with the population in contact, on the hegemonic permeability from the speech...even the beliefs that Anthropology would have  a place in a magic way of thought without working on it in many professionals in spite of what they are shouting point something very important to describe which could drive ....????

...Is important to see the scope and be clear in our own darkness also...it is not only "the public2 out of the "bonderies" of the discipline..(see Stocking)

I think now, the economic globalization, push us to re-think, and give an important place in the history of the discipline with dates, with a cronology of our vision, as well as to carry on to the high schools, as lectures, as subjcets, as a transversal subject, in every where..we have to add not only to sse the net, the net is a part, is a ressourse...more fore us an anthropologist the intercetion is an add in evry where...

I remember in Barcelona I was in the fieldwork 2003-2007 in a greengrocers looking authoctones and migrants from Latin America buying, me two,( I always used to buy the half o the quarter because I had to go to see in differents) , I was waiting to pay and always i used to speak ...when I said I ´m anthropologist to the authoctones they answer like" what´s that, "but the seller that was a bolivian, peruvian, equatorian, colombian, etc.. used to asnwer "You should know a lot" " You could explain about the history of my people"  "May I ask you ...?" You went with indeigenous" ...That shows many things how the contact, the ethnocnetric views, and also a society with only think in the others like producers of money could arrive to think about a discipline, not only.

I wrote a tale it calls " The eggs of dinosaurs" 

a story while I was bathing in the sea, a day of extreme hot and we werw in that water , nobody did not move when a woman asked me was I am... is in Spanish, when you can translate it ... kind of a funny story of this

This is a very important work to do if we want honestly to change

Thanks to you to open this oportunity,



More than an anecdote .

Yesterday, in London was extraordinary in many respects. But most of all in one. Probably I was been atrapped in the comments of the public viewing of Anthropology here in the morning.

In my mind something anticipated . I was going to a lecture, a little boring by the way, could have been better  also make sense but bueh ! are historical moments permeate into the discipline ...

An hour before I went to walk around the area of universities, it was getting dark , it was 16 hours ... people who came and went, many students , teachers, professionals with their mobiles and tablets , folders .. giving young student newspapers somebody that was exposed to cold les protected was selling hot food in a small stand ...I had time to take a different route .. stop at a bookstore through which I had passed through the door many times and I could not enter.

I must say here  I always look the bookshop to buy a book before to do it, I often I talk to the booksellers, I dont buy a lot of books now ... I´m habit with libraries so I transfer a bit librarie habits there .. and until I will get a new book..um, um, um ( well I have the library almost entirely in many suitcases thanks to my friends ) it will take time ... I walked , I looked .. the first tables with a lot "science fiction" .. several corridors carpeted and wooden tables with classic , welcome signs , people sitting reading


comparing materials , a guy at the door that he should have feet like the brain tired to stand without making a cucumber and .. my periscope looking Anthropology unconscious ... there on a beautiful old stairs , sound , crisp , there was a triptych poster shaped wooden religious but vertically. There was , Anthropology , the first by the letter .. and then , what a surprise ! The following: Books for Children , Third floor - staircase - other areas and followed him in the second disciplines ... Archaeology ... gave me a laugh attack while climbing many steps laziness ... how symbolic !!!, but the imposes discipline heroism these days pushed me uploading .. upon arriving , I opened a door and there were the sociologists , the classics .. and then appeared the Anthropology ...

I asked the time, there were only 30 minutes and was near the lecture so I was looking, happy among Anthropology  books when some laugh escaped me again, I couldnt avoid it ... I went down to the other floor and there was a lot of philosophy, everywhere ... people putting coats on the floor and taking books from the shelfs .. a table stacked with books that had a sign that asked what was reality, what do we live ? ...  I thouhgt in Bachelard...in the ternaire logique..etc. etc. ..well,

almost escaped down the stairs to breathing out cold air, enjoy even darkness and think, I was called by the mobile and could not answer it .. was focused on how public viewing is heading ... what are the spaces for the representations contained ... well just comment this anecdote between unfortunate and fun.Is our practice ?

Maybe it is a intersting fieldwork to look the place of Anthropolohy in bookshops...



As an experiment I entered "Amazon Anthropology" in the search bar of my Safari browser. 

JUA JUA JUA !!!!!! What a result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....could be it is necesary to study more this...what we had thought!!!

Thanks you, nice week end! ;) C
John McCreery said:

As an experiment I entered "Amazon Anthropology" in the search bar of my Safari browser. 


I found very important what you have done, and the opinions because it confirms how the historical moment point on the discipline all over the world and in particulary ..her public vision in the day a day..a bookshop, or Amazon  shows us  more than we had thouhgt ..as the collegue point extraordanry before with Amazon...we cannot " do an evangelization " of Antrhropology to the populatio to engache them in the discipline first we should have to analyse the accesibility --- (Bourdieu)..when somebody is going to look for a book of classic literature or comics which are around, the places to read ANTHROPOLOGY.????..where without the formal education a consumer, a person first can see them? Is the market logic doesnt want to show it very much?jujujujuju!!!!

In any case to see posters, places of books, translations, could help to do a little but extensive ethnography and sistematizate this...

I invite everybody to follow this activity, comments like you and to the "bookshop safari"jijiji....



Well, well I continue visiting the London bookshops, they are very nice, I enjoy a lot doing this..

....chance to get itinerary , look , ask, play, giving and eye on books, listening to the rustle of some floors of old wood  , or stepping carpets which are dense and time of use .. it is cold and without much intention to step I 'm finding the most popular libraries , the second hand , the comic ones , however ...spontaneously and with some informality of my journey , entering, one look there at first, then looking panels , then try to orient myself alone and finally I ask someone always ..

this time, around 15 and 17 hs near the vicinity of the Portrait museum I walked a classic where the carpet and employees testified over time .. however, T- shirts , chocolates , masks  umbrellas, etc. etc., all sorts of other objects removed from books as some characters faces ilustrated on the T- shirts were  all of them before the bookshelves .. I searched and searched Anthropology and  the saleswoman approached me and asked ,

first she laughed and said " I think here? ... so yeah .. here it is "...

a single bookshelf , alone and very high on which I could see some books by authors of the academic formation, but next it three sociology there were ...well , another point...as point out the difference betwwen socilogy and antrhopology ??? not in France ??? then there came upon Bourdieu ... how much loneliness for that shelf !

It was acold Sunday oh, yes! ggggg ... a few meters a second-hand , touching ,of wood  ,

full of unbearable smell sometimes people looking around and no one attended ... posters, many end .. I met somebody  to answer me and whom I salted a woman who was counting money highing behind a desk with glass, and she said ..

"Ah , we have no special section for anthropology , if something is mixed with history and art "Loved her response and went to look but found nothing specific ...

I think eventually write an article in some months....



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