I'm reposting this here at the suggestion of Ryan Anderson.

It's long been my belief that anthropologists can increase their public visibility and engagement by working together, especially cross-promoting each other's work. The PopAnth website has been using social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn) to bring attention to articles written by anthropologists in newspapers, on blogs, in books, and so on. 

Recently, I've had conversations with Tricia Wang (Ethnography Matters), Matt Thompson (Savage Minds / DANG) and Ryan Anderson (Anthropologies Project / DANG) about furthering collaboration. We agreed that it would be a great idea!

 My question is: how do we best coordinate?

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Oh! Maybe Google read OAC? Did they realized about public vision of Anthropology? OHHHHH!!! ggggg


France https://www.google.fr/ today ..Lévi-Staruss Birrthday....

Á penser chers amis!


I keep walking around London , a city that invites you to walk , also now not so cold , today was the sun ... I was going by Charing Cross , entering in the bookshops of second hand and antique books .. there was one that caught my attention when entering ...It had an old map on one wall, the time became it yellow, with handmade black ink and print it in italics completes some info of the location of books by subjcets ... art, history , archeology ... social sciences , almost fascinated the seller trimmed on a chair asked ,  I asked to him:

._ And anthropology ?

- you have anything specific in philosphy .. history ...
- Archaeology ?
- Well, yes, sometimes we do not have anything specific , here is not so important , there may be some by Malinowski , Mead .. there some Levi -Strauss ... nothing more ...
- Good! Meet these authors ?
And .. yeah ... - he laughed
- This map of the library, when was made? Who made it ?
- About 10 years, I think a seller ...
I kept browsing shelves and posters, detached old photos ... and the living room floor of Social Sciences was basically full of History of Sciences ...on the floor one of Darwin, in a recent issue ... then I saw the steps down but with the sun had left him to visit again ...

I loved the response of this seller , especially laughter that got me thinking ... what would seem that something he assumed that I understand ... but no .. and I'll ask next time ...

These visits , and tours of bookshops and writing on this page is acting of a field diary ...


Cecilia, your account of exploring bookshops in London brings back happy memories. Reviewing my own habits, I discover, however, that almost all of my new academic acquisitions are books I have stumbled across online and preferably in an ebook edition. Visits to brick-and-mortar bookstores are rare treats that I usually share with my wife. While strolling around Yokohama, we will decide to indulge ourselves and pick up three or four thrillers or works of science fiction to get our minds off more serious things. We rarely watch television, and the books we pick up at bookstores are the functional equivalent of what zoning out over a popular TV program is for friends and acquaintances.

Hello John, happy new year, it is nice to know this what you are saying. Thanks to share this. 

Your comment makes we see part of social change and technology in relation that are becoming bookstores ...  

public viewing of Anthropology, the places of the first contacts, at least the name, authors offsite academic or fieldwork, or in the news, conferences ...

then that means we also see this as an impact interpret the locations of the books? Your access?

You had put a posted to the web and, well, cool the data ...

The truth is that if we shared bookshop with these walks, I'm sure we will discover more elements affecting the view of the discipline ...

Thank you always for your comments and tell us where books are there where you're going.

kind regards, 


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