Impunity always put down! What happens to Garzón. Comments and a play! El País and wiki

The day when Garzón was separeted of, what in Spain it calls justice, I was in the bus thinking that something was going to begin bad there. In the next stop a friend, a lawer got the bus, ...we spoke about ourselves and inmediatly came her comment about what had happaned with Garzón, she was clever with her affirmation " a coup to the state overlapped" I was surprissed but...time has confirmed it in many ways. Not only was an economic crisis...

I m happy to see the way how people find the way, very close in the time, in this opportunity to show it with the the best artists...that shows an ethical way.


Baltasar Garzón - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Baltasar Garzón Real (Spanish pronunciation: [baltaˈsar ɣarˈθon]; born 26 October 1955) is a Spanish jurist. Garzón formerly served on Spain's central criminal ...

Estrellas del teatro recrean el juicio contra Baltasar Garzón
Nuria Espert, José Sacristán, Mario Gas y Pepe Viyuela actúan en ‘El pan y la sal’, que se estrena en una sala alternativa de Madrid

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Five years ago I sent a message  -May 15 2010- about the great magistrate Baltazar Garzón and against his dismissal from the Spanish judicial system. Then an anthropologist from Spain were indignado against me for bringing such a news to the OAC discussion.

I thank you for considering this as an issue of anthropological interest.

Excuse some error...

Entrevista a Baltazar Garzón, Buenos Aires, Sept. 15,  2013,  57 min. Spanish


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