Happy to join you but its my first time in one of these e-networks. Might not be very active...

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Hi Susana,

It's wonderful to see you here. If you ever get a moment, check out the previous discussion on www.thememorybank.co.uk. This is a temporary platform for us to work out what we want to do and how, to see whether we can extend the range of activities made possible on Ning and maybe set up a dedicated website with a new domain name. It was Max Forte's idea that we try this medium and, once I checked it out, I found it irresistible.

It's very much in the hands of all members to suggest ways forward. From the beginning we talked about a multi-lingual platform. So perhaps you could help us build bridges to the Spanish-speaking world.

I should add that we aim to bring together academic anthropologists, students of anthropology and related disciplines and any member of the general public with an interest in whatever 'anthropology' might be or become.
Hi Susana,

This is my first time too. I am not a Facebook person but since this is anthropology it is different. I hope you had a nice flight back from the conference. Keith started an an economic anthropology network I will invite you to it. best

The idea sounds very interesting and it would be good if we could somehow manage a multiligual platform. I am going to invite some of my colleagues and students and see if they get into it. I am going to look at the Memorybank discussion in order to get a stronger sense of the project. In fact there are so many things we could debate, provided we were not permanently submerged in so many forms of bureaucratic hassle!
Do you think it would be a good idea to invite some of the people in the World Anthropologies Network? In some aspects the projects seem tom converge.
Hi Hülya,

great to find you here! The trip from Vancouver was long but safe. I will definetely join the economic anthropology group. I do not know yet how to operate this platform but it doesn't seem too complicated...
I think this took most of us who were discussing it before somewhat by surprise. I for one never expected things to move so fast and we have already encountered unexpected conditions that make our original discussion on The Memory Bank already a bit dated. In any case, it is up to those who have joined OAC to help shape our mission, form and activities.

I have just written to admin at RAM/WAN as follows:


Without a lot of planning, but as a result of a conversation among friends who met on Twitter, I started yesterday a new network on Ning, the Open Anthropology Cooperative. Our two groups overlap considerably in form and purpose (although these are still embryonic in our case); and there is some duplication of personnel already. Like you we are committed to a multi-lingual platform eventually. The main differences are the technology, timing and reach of our respective social networking exercises. There is clearly scope for a number of such associations aiming to take advantage of digital media to redefine global anthropology in a more open way. For example another network has just been established on Ning, the Moving Anthropology Student Network. No doubt there will be more. Above all I am writing to you out of courtesy and in the hope that we can pool our efforts in some way.

With best wishes, etc.

It would be wonderful if you could spread the word and even more help us to give this network the scope most of us hope for.
HI, I do think we should pool efforts instead of proliferating groups. We are all trying to engage in a conversation about opening anthropology, and we want to think in which ways we want / or not to open it, transform it, make accessible, have more creative input, etc...

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