My research master job has proposed as an initial point a study about some specific political instititutions in Brazil which are responsible to construct the structural guides of clientelism and patronage in a way of elaborate a close connection between public and private spheres. Seeking this narrative propose, I study the judicial representative functions of the "Juízes de Paz" as well as its sociability models which are still permanent in the Brazilian political practices and imaginaries. In an anthropological parameters, I've adopted as conceptual references the imagined moral code in rural parishes where the "juízes de paz" had represented a strong model of order an respectability, the reputation as a strategic way to construct the clientele in political elections, and the representative/theatrical performance of this "laical" magistrates in its uses of mediation/conciliation.

I'd like to exchange ideas with you all in a way of receive suggestions and also colaborate with someone who has research aspects in common.

Hopefully to enlarge the debates at OAC!

Paulo Augusto Franco

Universidade Federal Fluminense (Master in Social Sciences and Justice)

Fundação Getúlio Vargas - Escola de Direito - Tutor

As a biographical main references, I'm adopting:

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