Dear colleagues -

As we develop a new large project in Xinjiang, China, I am interested to hear from colleagues working in the following areas of work (cultural, geographic, development focus, etc.):

-  Kazakh nomads/pastoralists

-  Altai Prefecture (Altai Mountains) in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

-  Socio-economic development, including local "community co-management"

-  Development of community-based ecotourism (as a possible new source of income)

-  Development of protected area system, including world heritage sites, biosphere reserve, etc.

Many thanks in advance for getting in touch with me; there is much we can learn as we move into these new areas of work (i.e., in a new geographic area, with new partners - both government and community partners). My email is, also 

My own background is in 'community development' and 'natural resource management', working in close partnership with Tibetan herders in the the Tibetan plateau region (specifically in the source areas of the Yangtze, Yellow and Mekong rivers).

Kind regards,

Marc Foggin

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 Are there any Ainu living in this region?

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