Master class on media and communication studies perspectives on music consumption Place: University of Roskilde, Denmark

Master class on media and communication studies perspectives on music consumption Place: University of Roskilde, Denmark

Time: October 15, 2013

Organizers: Dr. Fabian Holt and the research program in Communication, Journalism and Performance Design at CBIT, Roskilde University

Contact: Practical questions, Signe Berri: Questions regarding the program: Fabian Holt:

This master class offers Ph.D. students working on music and media an opportunity to discuss their dissertation research in the context of recent developments in communication and media studies. This one-day event begins by offering three core perspectives on the field before concentrating on in-depth discussions of chapter drafts by the participating doctoral students. The three emerging perspectives to be addressed in the opening lectures are

1) the ethical turn,
2) post-broadcasting, and
3) the audiovisual turn in music consumption.

Tentative schedule
9:00 David Hesmondhalgh: "Music and the Ethical Turn"
10:15 Fabian Holt: "Live Music in the Post-Broadcast Era"
10:45 Coffee break
11:00 Francesco Lapenta: "The Audiovisual Turn in the Aesthetics of Everyday Life"
11:30 Discussion of dissertation chapters by participants
12:30 Lunch
13:30-17:00 Discussion of dissertation chapters

The number of participants is limited. To apply, please send a description of your dissertation project and the chapter you wish to submit for discussion. Each description should be at the length of 200-300 words and outline the research question, the disciplinary context, and its relevance to media and communication studies.

You can send both descriptions in the body of an e-mail to
Fabian Holt ( before March 1, 2013.
Notifications of acceptance will be send out by April 1. The deadline for the chapter draft is September 15, 2013.

*** Presenters: David Hesmondhalgh is Professor of Media and Music Industries at the University of Leeds, where he is Director of the Media Industries Research Centre (MIRC). His publications include The Cultural Industries (2nd edition, 2007), and five edited volumes, including The Media and Social Theory (with Jason Toynbee, 2008), Popular Music Studies (with Keith Negus, 2002), Western Music and its Others (with Georgina Born, 2000), Creative Labour: Media Work in Three Cultural Industries (with Sarah Baker, 2010), and Why Music Matters (to be published in August 2013).

Fabian Holt is Associate Professor at the University of Roskilde, where he teaches in the Department of Communication, Business, and Information Technologies. Holt specializes in the area of popular music and cultural events in the contexts of capitalism, media, and urbanization. His publications include Genre in Popular Music (2007), Musical Performance and the Changing City (co-edited with Carsten Wergin, February 2013), and the chapter "Music in New Media" in the Routledge Handbook of Music and Visual Culture (spring 2013).

Francesco Lapenta is Associate Professor at the University of Roskilde where he teaches in the Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies. He specializes in the Sociology of Science and Technology and evolutions new media platforms and social practices. Recent publications include the articles “The Infosphere, the Geosphere and the Mirror: The Geomedia Based Normative Renegotiation of Body and Place” (2012) and ”Geomedia Based Methods and Visual Research: Exploring the Theoretical Tenets of the Localisation and Visualization of Mediated Social Relations with Direct Visualisation Techniques” (2012).

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