Mi'kmaq Nation applies for title over northern New Brunswick, Canada

Interesting things happening in my neck of the woods surrounding indigenous land claims, specifically for the Mi'kmaq. I've attached two articles here with some quotes I find interesting. I'm only a beginning anthropologists so thoughts from people with more experience in this area (indigenous studies/ indigenous resurgence) would be much appreciated!


"We cannot stand by while the government ignores us and makes decisions that threaten the traditional lands of the Mi’kmaq people,” Chief Sock said. “It’s time for us to exercise our rights and responsibilities to protect our territory."


"It is an expensive strategy. Aboriginal title cases typically take years or decades, involve professional anthropologists as witnesses, and cost millions or tens of millions of dollars. There is serious asymmetry between the resources that the state can deploy in the legal battle and those of the Native side.
It has also been questioned why a people such as the Mi’kmaq, who never ceded their land by treaty and are asserting sovereignty, should have to plead their case in the court of the colonial power which opposes them, rather than before a neutral tribunal; and why they should have to make their arguments in the terms of English common law, not Aboriginal concepts of justice."

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