We recently received this notice from a member, Harriet Baulcombe:

"We at SAGE Publications have just brought out a new book by Raymond Madden - Being
Ethnographic: A Guide to the Theory and Practice of Ethnography

Our first response was to wonder where notices about new books in anthropology might be located on the site. But our mission here is to promote interaction and we soon came up with the idea of setting up a place for reviews of and discussions about new books. We could open a Group "New books for review” or a separate Forum category (on a new page) for OAC Reviews (the difference being that people could post replies without joining). But reviewers need to have the books themselves. So we asked Harriet if Sage would supply books for review. She replied that they don't send books blind, but will post a book to anyone who has agreed to review it. She also said they would be happy to suggest other titles, such as: Tessa Muncey's Autoethnographies, Robert Kozinets' Netnography, Organizational Ethnography by Sierk Ybema et al. and Doing Sensory Ethnography by Sarah Pink.

We feel that it would be appropriate to launch this new function piecemeal, with the offer from Sage as a starter. But we also need to think about how it might be expanded and consolidated. It would be great if a member or even better several members volunteered to head this initiative, essentially performing the role of a journal's reviews editorial team, establishing guidelines for reviews, developing a location, giving notice of books available for review, putting potential reviewers in touch with the relevant publishers and following up in case of delays. The Admins team are willing to offer backup in the establishment phase and routine support in the longer term, but none of us feels able to devote the time needed to assume this task now.
So the job of managing this exciting development is open to volunteers. In the meantime if any individual fancies reviewing any of the Sage titles mentioned above, please contact Keith Hart or any member of the Admins team.

We also welcome your suggestions about how to develop this new activity of the OAC.

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