Dear All,

I am preparing for PhD admission in US Universities. I have done MPhil from Pakistan and my research follows Ontological Anthropology, especially as argued by Philippe Descola and Viveiros de Castro. (Although few of things I also took from Eduardo Kohn's How Forest Think, especially his semiotics).

For to write my own essay (Personal statement) I have been suggested to read as many graduation essays as much possible. For this I request any suggestion, comment or if you can post or email me personal statements especially of ontological anthropology or multispecies anthropology.

In my MPhil thesis I argued that how human nonhuman and nonliving things entangle to produce what I called the life of the lake. I did my ethnography study at Manchar Lake, one of the largest freshwater lake in Sindh, Pakistan. Moreover, I also argued that how the deteriorating condition of the lake is transforming old human nonhuman relations but also producing certain new entanglements. Here I take degradation as an ontological problem to show how humans and nonhuman response to degradation with their own ontological frameworks and how this effects the life of the lake. 

last but not the least, I also argued that how humans, nonhumans (fish, waterfowls, dogs etc.) and nonliving things (boats, boathouses, water, fishing nets etc.) constitutively emerge as an ontological beings and things, defining and producing the models which informs, both worldly, naïve as well as ecological practical problems of the fishermen community.


Suneel Kumar

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Hi Kumar,

It is nice to see you are proceeding for graduate studies. I would love to read your initial draft of the personal statement.


Roy, PhD Scholar, Western Sydney University

Hi Suneel,

multispecies anthropology

Read this: Its a download of this book 

Flight Ways: Life and Loss at the Edge of Extinction
Thom van van Dooren

This may also be helpful which is away into many classical texts on multispecies stuff

Also be happy to proofread and add comments on statement. Am a social anthro student doing PhD so learnt some tricks about structuring these applications.

What would you say your overall question is for your research?

Hi Suneel,

One thing to focus on is looking for specific people you want to work with, and then tailoring your statement specifically to them as much as possible. This is better than sending out one big generic letter to all of the programs you're applying to. Describe your project, but then toward the end of the statement talk about the program and the specific people you envision working with, and WHY, specifically, this would be a good fit. Also, keep an open mind about who might be good to work with--it's not just about finding someone with the same theoretical outlook or regional emphasis, but about finding someone who has the time and interest to work with you during your graduate career.

Good luck!


Thank you very body for suggestions. I am working on my statement and soon will be sharing with you all for editing and comment.

Dear Friends,

I am also applying for Fulbright PhD program. For that I need to submit study objectives (proposal of my research). I have written a draft version of my study objectives that I am sharing with you people. Please comment, edit, respond, suggest anything to make it more better. I have also included the instruction of Fulbright at the top of the page.

I have to submit application in the first week of May. Your early response would highly be appreciated.

Thanking in anticipation.

Suneel Kumar


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