There is so much talk about “postmodern ethnography” in recent time. Can anybody please name some of the ethnographies which can be called as postmodern? Or would anybody help to find some good reviews of “postmodern ethnography”? I will be glad.

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fahmid, you ask a good question. I have no answer, except to say that when I read something that strikes me as postmodern, I don't normally think of it as ethnography. I think, for example, of Michael Taussig, whose books, Wikipedia tells me include 

Of these, the first,The Devil and Commodity Fetishism seems the most ethnographic but not especially post modern. The second and fourth Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man and Mimesis and Alterity, strike me as postmodern but not especially ethnographic, unless any book that incorporates bits of ethnographic detail in a mass of theoretical musings is to count as ethnography. Neither provides a full enough picture of the way of life of the people whose actions are analyzed to provide sufficient context in which to judge the local relevance of the ideas on which the author is primarily focused. I haven't read the third, The Nervous System, so I can't comment on that one. 


These first musings leave with exactly the question you ask, when people say "postmodern ethnography," what exactly are the exemplars they have in mind. I do hope others pitch in and tell us.


I don't know much about what qualifies as being an ethnography -- and I am sure that there metrics regarding the goals and objective determinations an ethnography should do... but the only thing that comes to mind is, is postmodern play available within the domain of what could be considered an ethnography?  If so, then what kind of play is there?  Self-referentiality?  Has an ethnography been done on ethnographers?  I am sure there have been, but it seems that if there is any kind of jouissance involved as a central facet of the work then it would end up more on the side of a mock-nography than ethnography simply because the focus would disqualify it as being ethnographic.

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