The issue was raised yesterday and dropped; but I would like to bring it into the open. It doesn't seem either practical or democratic to place all the responsibility for administering the OAC on me. Surely it would be better for a panel of administrators to be formed. This leaves two questions: Who? and How?

The first is easy: please volunteer and, if we have too many, we'll find a way of choosing.

The second may have to involve plural use of my email entry address and code. I don't know. But we can surely find out.

I would just hope that the panel covers a range of types of member, so that it does not look like a one-sided clique.

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Thanks to a prod from Victoria Cochran, I found the place where I could change members to administrators. Carole suggested six might be a reasonable number with periods of responsibility varying from 6 to 12 months. I take 6 months. I have made all the contributors to this discussion so far administrators: Steven Devijvers, Francine Barone, Max Forte, Hulya Demirdirek and Carole McGranahan. It isn't the most diverse of groups, but it does have gender balance, a reasonable age range and several time zones covered. Perhaps we are too many professional academics, not enough students or Asians, Africans and Latin Americans, too few non-academics. But we can rectify that with our replacements. In the meantime, the six of us need to discuss how to coordinate our activities and we will report back to you all.

Please add my name to the list as well!!!


Let me know, happy to help anytime.
Hi Angels, Thanks for the offer. The ad hoc group that set this up is currently trying to figure out a more systematic way of organizing and recruiting for the various tasks needed to run and develop OAC. We first have to generate better ways of communicating with the membership.
Hi Eliza,

Were you able to find a solution?

Hi Keith,

I would also be happy to volunteer.

My plate is full with other kindred/open projects, but I want to thank everyone who is stepping up to provide leadership to this interesting and promising OAC effort.
Hi Eliza,

Here is a direct link to your profile:

We also have a technical help forum for the OAC, called OAC help, which you can find on the tabs at the top of the page and also in the list of groups.

Hope this helps,




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