Should blog entries be listed under publications in your CV?

I was wondering what is the weight of blog entries in a researcher’s CV and whether or not these should be included. Some say blog entries are often seen as popular science and can hinder your CV, while others say they reveal commitment to the discipline and familiarity with writing as a process. Any thoughts on this?

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I don't think you should list all your blog entries. But posting on the internet is one way of getting essays out to the public and you might want to list two or three posts you are proud of that potential interviewers could look at. It's all relative. Some people list all their book reviews and conference papers, but this can just point up how few substantial publications you have. My advice is keep your c.v. short and pay attention to the kind of person you want to come across as. Don't pad it out, but include material you think is good, wherever it came out.

I list only significant pieces of original research.

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