As we have just received word about the Open Anthropology Cooperative officially transitioning into becoming an archive of the past, I would like to take this closing opportunity to introduce the Collaborative Anthropology Network!

For all of those who would like to continue what was started here and open up the full potential of what technology and anthropology has to offer, the Collaborative Anthropology Network is a new project based entirely on open source technology for a radically customizable social networking site, tailor-made around an interest in anthropology and online-collaborative ethnography that is meant to serve as a virtual ecosystem of collaborative ethnography and anthropology-related social activities - think part facebook, part academia[.]edu, part, part edX/Coursera with an additional ability for users to tag the entire site to the letter on an individual or collective scale and collaborate in a built-in project management application, all on both mobile and desktop. Everything will be integrated with the main social networking site and will be organized and designed to cater to the highest expectations of an anthropology audience while offering fantastic exposure opportunities for the full diversity of the field and its practitioners with minimal technological know-how.

As of this posting, February 3rd, 2020, version 1.0 of the site is currently at the end of the development stage and will be kicked off as a pre-launch invite-only for select user testing and group content creation!

Stay tuned by visiting

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We are currently waiting for a major update that is expected for the membership and multisite component of the site. When that is released it will require additional development work and customizations to fully integrate it with the rest of the site. None of that can be done until after the update, but it only represents a couple of weeks of work. In the meantime we are working on designing and finalizing the homepage and putting together some very useful documentation on how to use the various components of the site.


Brandon, This is very good to hear about, particularly in these times of remote working. I will look into the Collaborative Anthropology Network with interest.

How does sign up work for the CAN?

Hi Huon, nice to hear from you! Yeah, right now the site is online but it's still in development and is in private mode during that time. There are several of us working on it but one is in Greece and one is in Brazil, so I put it up for easier access for those working on it but nobody else has access. Right now I'm waiting for an extension update on the multisite/membership component before I can finish, but for the most part it's ready! I also plan to open it as an invite-only at first since it will basically be an empty network and there won't be much to look at, so I need content creators to start groups and blogs, and offer feedback. If the OAC ning site is still live I'll post an invitation!

Great. Looking forward to this.

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