I was wondering what everyone's thoughts on violence were.  My Marxist leanings tell me that violence is related to poverty; that the state becomes necessary in human society only at that juncture in human society where there is a split between those who have and those who have not.  However, we see examples like the Yanomamo who have a fairly egalitarian system in place who engage in lots of violence.  I live in an area of the city known for its violence.  A few years ago a woman was killed in broad daylight in front of a whole crowd of people.  My neighborhood happens to be a poor one.  I've heard that most marriages  break up because of finances and I can only imagine that domestic violence is a product of this.  However, America is arguably the richest country in the world, yet we have more violence than most other industrialized nations.  I suppose a distinction must be made here regarding in-group and out-group violence.  America has more in-group violence and we also engage in more out-group violence.  Is our violent culture the product of a devaluation of human life brought on by the ideological hegemony of the might-is-right doctrine?

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    Participants in this forum may be interested in one currently underway on OAC, "Violence," organized by Ryan Anderson.  Diverse perspectives are welcome and important in approaching this important subject.  

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