Hi all, I've just had my graduation for my Bachelor of Arts degree, and was given some money. I'm wanting to buy something special with it, but was wondering if there is anything I could be putting it towards anthropology career wise?


Any advice (as always :) ) appreciated, Thanks, Ainslee

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Congrats with your Bachelor! Though it may not be a "thing" here's one suggestion ;-)

Hmmm, whilst I *am* tempted, considering all of the advice that I have received from several of my queries on this site, I've been told that I need to spend it on something that can be seen and kept with me as a "souvenir" for what I have done so far. Was thinking I should make it something that will be of use to me throught my future studies and thereafter. However, I will keep the donation idea in mind for something other than my graduation present :)
Depending on what type of anthropology you're interested in, you may want to start building yourself a nice little library of books.
I like this one:  CLICKY HERE!

A video camera

A laptop computer

A permit provided by the Government of the country you want to conduct your research in (necessary for publishing in peer reviewed outlets)

Plenty of pencils and blank notebooks.

Read and carry the following book until it is committed to memory

1) How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper. by Robert A. Day

Get a good book on taking Anthropological fieldnotes such as

2) Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes. by Emerson, Fretz, Shaw

and off ya go

have fun










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