Not only it is to consumme more and more, it is to know what and how to abandon the rubish and separate it.

A new job, new ideas, new...instead of old...;) is add to the consummer and dragging form the past  : the bonne  and the mauvaise reciclater in the suavage jungle of consummerisme.

Before plastic recycling there were another kind of materials to recycling. Also before to circule in the market the supossed finish object or in the domestic place.

After the 50 has changed the way to collet botttles, and during long years men and women were share the collect of glass. One of the first big separation rubish was with glass. It s necesary to here that a bottle of glass of a beer cannot go with rest a murano glass together in the same basket because both materials have a diferent composition which cannot  let to recycle at the same temparature...."it ´s necesary to learn at the school" ji!

There are many steps and processes that we have stilll find out as well as to sistematizate the links with people and people with rubish and all her large word.

Here some visual information about glass..and if you know more, have comments, send me them! Thanks


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is it just glass you are interested in? I came across many examples of what to me were innovative uses of "rubbish" whilst doing fieldwork on eco-buildings recently. One of your pictures shows a woman infilling a wall with glass bottles, the glass is insulative. Some of my participants used bottles like this and some also used empty cans in the same way. There is a certain type of eco-buildng called an "earthship" which is almost entirely based around recycled materials, such as cans and tyres.

From my point of view, two important perspectives on "waste" are from Rachel Harkness' (2008) thesis about earthship building in New Mexico and Scotland, and also Josh Reno's work about an American rubbish dump.

From your pictures, I think the worktops are very handsome, but the glass bottle wineglasses are quite annoying though, because the stems are hollow the "last bit" of the wine can splash you in the face!


Elaine Forde said:


Thanks a lot, very much, to give all these information and send put me the questions...please continue doing this!! I bagan to analyse what you said about the materials....

Now I´m in a emergency in Buenos Aires and will published a posted about some ideas of recycling and emergency I invite you to reda them and also forgive me about my English whwn I m doing this.

the best, 




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