Hi all, I am doing some work on historical documents and I am looking around for an appropriate application to create a genealogical database. I have looked at the Ingres database, which looks immensely complicated, but I was wondering if there is some sort of software that is more directly geared towards kinship relations.

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If you find one, let me know!

I haven't found one that is public use. I've resorted to creating my own, based on E.L. Schusky's Manual for Kinship Analysis.
There is one created by prof. Márcio Silva at University of São Paulo, and it is named MAQPAR. (you can find it in Google). I don't know if it going to help you properly, but i think you should give it a try.
You can try Kinship Editor, a Java-based diagramming utility (designed by Prof. Michael Fischer, University of Kent, UK) or, depending on your needs, a non-academic web-based alternative like My Heritage, a site that lets you create interactive family trees, add historical data, photos, etc and invite others to view and contribute.

Decent software is hard to find especially when one deals with polygamy in the recent past as well as modern blended families.  I have tried Kinship editor but find that MS word charts work as well and easily used in publications and presentations. MAQPAR seems a bit fiddly and doesn't appear to create nice charts or diagrams.  It can create complex tables of relations but not really what I want.  I may resort to paper and pens and then scan for use!  If I find other useful ones I will post here as well, thanks for posting the links.


I am new to this group, and maybe you already sorted out your kinship software question, or already know about the software I recommend. But if not, try Community Express, a kinship and genealogy-census program developed by an anthropologist. You can download the personal version  for free. I started working on it with my data and then left it because I was on to something else, so I cannot give much of an explanation of its features, I must re-discover it. But it is definitely worth trying.



Good Morrow,

I know that I'm coming into the conversation late, but I hope someone can help me out.  I took the advice of the last poster and sought out the Community Express program; alas, the site is no longer active.  That being said, I was wondering if any of you managed to download it before the website went under.  Any chance that you could post the program?





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