Call for Papers for an issue on

Intimate Relationships

Intimacy is an important component of social life. People form diverse relationships
of various degrees of intimacy; however, the boundaries between them are often
ambiguous. Distinction between friendship and love, for instance, has been
intensively addressed in the debates about homosexuality, though a relation between
these two forms of intimacy can be questioned in the case of heterosexual
relationships as well. The concepts we use for denoting human relationships always
refer to some degree of intimacy, though their meaning depends heavily on the social
context. Intimate relationships have mostly been considered and investigated as a
separate domain of life and scholarly interest. Their significance in activities
envisaged rather as practical, formal or institutionalized has often been neglected:
intimate relationships are usually connected with comfort and tenderness. However,
the concept of power cannot be excluded from investigation of intimacy, whether we
refer to power games within intimate relationships (e.g. in family ties) or to the role of
intimacy in power relations. Moreover, the intimacy or emotional closeness
manifested in friendships, kinship, love, or sexual relations comes into economic
transactions as well. This is true not only in case of the informal economy: intimacy
creates kind of capital also in business, politics, career, and in the functioning of
institutions in general. It is an element that constitutes the distinction between formal
and informal relationships.
Slovenský národopis
(Slovak Ethnology)

invites submissions of papers for the next issue in the English language
VOLUME 59, NUMBER 5, 2011

devoted to an exploration of the above topic. Contributions drawing on the fields of
the social sciences are welcome, focusing primarily (though not exclusively) on issues
such as:
· Diverse kinds of intimate relationships (friendship, partnership, love, sexual
relationships, family and kinship ties, etc.)
· Degrees of intimacy and distinctions between kinds of intimate relationships
· Practices of intimacy
· Intimacy and gender
· Intimacy and the human body
· Intimacy and/as power
· Intimate relationships and institutions (especially their role in economic/business relations and politics)
· Intimacy and morality

Submission Guidelines
Please follow the guidelines for submissions as given on the website of Slovenský
národopis/Slovak Ethnology.

Abstracts due: January 31, 2011 (in English)
Manuscripts due: March 15, 2011 (in English)

All information and communications concerning submissions should be addressed to the Editorial Office.

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