Resistance is what Euro-American armed forces and culture face in Afghanistan not “insurgency” which is political opposition to a specific governmental or civil authority, structure, and operations. Insurgency has specific and identifiable objectives and borders and can be isolated and engaged with political tactics such as incorporation in the government, co-optation, or the appropriation of government by insurgents. Realistically there is no insurgency in the country and surrounding region. There is no government in, for, by, and of Afghanistan. The apparatus at the Afghan center is organized, controlled, and subsidized from top to bottom by the United States and its NATO allies. As such what is labeled insurgency by the American military machinery and its propaganda partners in the media is at its core resistance that uses all means available to it. Resistance is a cultural construct that is fluid and elusive and cannot be isolated. Like other cultural phenomenon resistance reproduces itself. The numbers of its articulators, carriers and operators steadily increase or at least remain relatively constant—its human losses are replaced by those who come of age inside and outside Afghanistan.

Inspired by deep seated hatred, disrespect, and contempt for the violent American imperial presence, local culture and Islam—separately and together—inspire and equip participants in the Afghan resistance. Resistance in Afghanistan will disappear when domination, occupation and occupier disappear

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Dear Sir, I think it is not so easy that US and NATO forces withdraw change everything to the better. Afghanistan is not an isolated island and will be always influenced by outside world. At first overgrowing population - what to do with millions of young people without jobs and even chances to have any. In Afghanistan there is no water to irrigate new fields (similar problem is in other South Asia countries - I have seen this problem personally in the north of India). Outside world is supplying Afghans with medicines, new technologies easing life and prolonging it, and with ideas of better world - Bollywood, western tourist etc. Talibs are giving solution but only for short period of time, they are not able to solve core of the problem with outdated ideas.
You are very right that cultural differences are crucial but that of Afghan people are useful in war with foringi but not in peace. Anyhow you are very right armed Westerners are there for nothing but they still are a must to assist Afghanistan in construction of a healthy country. I do not believe that US will change its policy, they still believe in an idea of being Imperium which is false and costly for them and others, but I do believe that steady work of anthropologists will increase consciousness of cultural differences which must be appreciated.
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