I should like to put the subject of how colonialism is seen under the eyes of fiction writers and the best example coming to my mind is the case of Joshef Conrad a Polish story teller and novelist who served as sailor in the british navy and later was naturalised british citizen.Some critics consider him as porter of western ideas and colonialism and some see the opposite. In any case he was never making the apology of western colonialism as did Kipling. The important with the fiction writersi s the extend of influence they could exercise on ethographers and anthropologists. Remarks on this aspects are welcome.

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The best example I can think of (from a post-mortem perspective) is Asimovs foundation series. Asimov has a keen sense of US(first foundation), empire (bias towards british empire) and colonies etc... He discusses a lot of evolution, colonisation, the way the british empire took care of so many colonies etc... It has a very good fiction bias but has an unique clarity to the way he expresses things.

The thing I like the most about Asimov is that he has a very multi-disciplinary perspective where he talks about the sociology, culture, psychology, history(anthropology), science of planets, which gives it a wholesome perspective.

He borrowed heavily form that periods' contemporary writings and weaved magic around planets and galaxies. :)

If you have an interest in the concepts of super organism, cybernetics, complexity/chaos..., he discusses those in his later foundation books...

Disclaimer: I haven't read conrad or many other works about colonisation. conrad just got added to my reading list... thanks... :)



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