I posted this mistakenly as a comment. I re-post here, sorry. I'm teaching a course I call Global Tibet here at Reed College and I want to assign some Said on Orientalism in the beginning weeks of the course. What excerpts would members recommend? At Reed, we can pitch the readings pretty high for undergrads. Thanks much for any advice!

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Thanks @CMcGranahan for suggesting Edward Said's "Representing the Colonized". I'm a graduate student and I will find it useful for a course I'm following on Said's Orientalism. I also found (via Google) the full text online at:

Carole McGranahan said:
I often assign pages 1-49 of Orientalism, and also like to teach this article:

Said, Edward. 1989. “Representing the Colonized: Anthropology’s Interlocutors,” Critical Inquiry 15(2): 205-225.

Depending on what you're doing, I might use excerpts from his other works, rather than several from Orientalism. Culture and Imperialism is also worth taking a look at although I haven't taught anything from it myself.
I looked for that documentary, "The Idea of Empire" online but couldn't find it, even at BBC's Arena page. Do you have it?

Carole McGranahan said:
Also, see Keith Hart's suggestion in this discussion for a BBC documentary program to use alongside the teaching of Edward Said's work.



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