Is there anybody else out there who works on the residue of empire? By which I mean, is there anybody else here who studies the remaining territorial possessions of colonial powers, whether they are referred to as "colonies", "overseas territories", etc.? One of the areas I research is the self-governing British overseas territory of Gibraltar, and I would be interested to know if anybody else works on the remaining "pink bits", or on the last bits of any other empire.

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A fair point. Just as it would be unfair to talk of the residue of trams when there are so many new tram schemes being built. However, my interest is in the old tramlines which used to be everywhere, were mostly pulled up, and yet weren't pulled up in some places. I then ask whether and how those old tramlines are still used. This may (or may not) inform our ability to understand the move to build shiny new tramlines... after all, weren't these things meant to be a thing of the past? Didn't we rip them all up? It is in this context that I speak of the residue of trams. To stretch a metaphor wildly.



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