Below you will find a text on our concept of 'Anthropology of Habitat and Architecture' in pdf-Format as basic information for a new discussion

- Homo Territorialis -
The architecturally demarcated environment as basic factor of cultural evolution

It has the following subtitles:
The so called spiritual sciences (humanities)
Anthropology of the demarcated habitat
The reconstruction of a soft prehistory
Homo territorialis
From 'spiritual sciences' to an objective science of culture
It tries to work out a new methodological approach in cultural anthropology dealing critically with the present system and suggesting new parameters, for instance:
--critique of 'euro-historisms' in cultural anthropology
--new definition of anthropology based on "anthropos": including 'civilized' society' and dealing critically with its impacts on the perception of traditional societies.
--"urban rural dichotomy": characterization of two distinct basic systems of cultures: historical (linear time)/ traditional (cyclic time; stereotype tradition as linear time element)
--critique of present use of material culture (separated acc. to: archaeology, history, ethnology/folklore
--anthropological definition of material culture
--reconstruction of a "soft prehistory" with fibro-constructive material culture
--hand as the first tool
--critique of archaeological method regarding prehistory of traditional society: evolution of culture happened with fibro-constructive ephemeral material culture
--religion as "prehistory" of traditional society: life-tree/ fetish/maypole complex
--anthropological reconstruction of evolution of religion from neolithic territorial system
--Categorical polarity: aesthetic principle of neolithic fibro-constructive habitat demarcations
--Categorical polarity: basic system used for cognition of natural form
--Primary aesthetic world-view (hen kai pan: all is one and one is all)
--Categorical polarity: basic model of aesthetic creations (architecture, handicraft)
--Neolithic fibro-constructive demarcations: stereotype traditional archive of village founder's local hegemony (origins of social hierarchy)
--evolution of culture from neolithic system of territorial demarcation of agrarian settlement ("creation" of sedentary life! a tremendous cultural change!).

The paper 'Habitat Anthropology' is a fairly concentrated text and contains 16 plates giving systematically detailed information on the various topics.

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