After the contested national election, the opposition has grown more determined with each effort to suppress it. The Islamlic Republic has decided to destroy the opposition at all costs. The opposition increasing regards the Islamic Republic and illegitimate and due to be replaced.

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"Oh What a Mess"

by MEA CYRUS in London
26 Nov 2009

"How telling that 30 years after the 1979 revolution the clerical establishment has come to resemble for ordinary Iranians a dictatorship far more cruel than the regime it toppled."
"The lost cause and the mojo thief"

by HANA H. in Tehran
27 Nov 2009 23:57
Andrew Apostolou

"Slow Clean in Tehran: The limits of an Iranian purge"

4 December 2009

"Half a year after Iran’s disputed presidential election, the Islamic regime is suffering from partial paralysis. ...."



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