The title of this discussion has been borrowed from a recent call for papers at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus in Jamaica. Although, the emphasis of this conference is based on the Work of Gordon K. Lewis--whose work "transcended the region’s linguistic fragmentation and was consistent with the view that 'No one could really claim to be a full practitioner in Caribbean Studies until he came to write ultimately, on the Caribbean as a whole' (Main Currents in Caribbean Thought, (1983) Maingot, introduction vi)"--I wish to engage in a discussion on part of its title. It is the part that reads "Freedom and Power in the Caribbean," that has sparked an urge to start the very first discussion in this group. Therefore, I wish to put forth a broad question, which I hope will conjure interest from members and non-members alike.

What is the nature of Freedom and Power in the Caribbean? How have these notions of this region manifest themselves within the anthropological data? And is it possible to "write...on the Caribbean as a whole" vis-a-vis these two concepts?

I have attached the Call for Papers for those of you who might be interested.

I do hope that the questions are clear, and that we can engage in a healthy, dynamic and animated discussion

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