What about transgression in religion as put by Bataille in hisTHEORIE DE LA RELIGION and EROTISME

He argues that more a prohibition is austere , moire easily it will be overpassed
and more easily it will be surpassed , more it wil become even more austere ....

All autority and power stufies must be started from this departure point.

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Transgression is the stock in trade of a certain kind of anthropological sensibility that transforms fieldwork from strict social science to something more engaging. It builds on Koepping’s idea that participation transforms perception and investigates how transgressive practices have triggered the retheorization of conventional forms of thought and life. It focuses on social practices in various cultural fields including the method and politics of anthropology in order to show how transgressive experiences become relevant for the organisation and understanding of social relations. This book brings key authors in anthropology together to debate and transgress anthropological expectations. Through transgression as method, as discussed here, our understanding of the world is transformed, and anthropology as a discipline becomes dangerous and relevant again.
@Nikos - a strange post - did you forget some relevant information such as which book? And you lifted the description entirely from Berghahn Books own website.

I will supply the rest of the citation for you:

Rao, Ursula and John Hutnyk (eds). 2005. Celebrating Transgression: Method and Politics in Anthropological Studies of Cultures. A book in Honour of Klaus Peter Koepping. Berghahn Books.



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