Grad Student and Academic Faculty Workshop: Thibnking through Magic, 14 Nov 2013, 14h-18h, please register (registration is free)

Anthropology Research Workshop


Return to a classical perspective:

Thinking Through Magic

With Simone Abram, Saskia Cousin, Tamas Regi, David Picard, Diana Espírito Santo, Dennis Zuev and others


No fee, but registration required.

To register, email by 12 Nov 2013 to



14 November 2013, 14:00h-18:00h


Faculdade de Ciencias Socias e Humanidades, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Sala Multiusos 3, 4th floor, ID Building, Av de Berna 26-c, Lisboa




Magic, which in Western academia and public opinion has long been considered to be the ‘superstition’ or even the potentially dangerous supernatural power of others, seems able to provide a compelling theoretical framework to think about how people cultivate and embed the assemblages of their quotidian lives within meaningful frameworks and ceremonial practices. While most classical anthropologists associated magical thinking with ‘primitive’ societies, in a recent return to the anthropological discussion of magic, authors such as Susan Greenwood (2009) suggest that forms of ‘magical consciousness’ constitute a specific ‘frame of mind’ present in all human societies.


The aim of this workshop is to test the goodness of the concept of magic to account for current ethnographic data, drawing to a large extent on the observations made by the workshop participants. We will invite these to present an abstract of their work, and then engage in a dialogue with the workshop leaders, in order to “think through magic”.


The workshop is open to graduate students from all social sciences, and also to academic faculty and research staff. There is no fee, but we would kindly ask you to register for the event by 12 November 2013, by sending an email with your name and affiliation to The number of workshop participants may be limited. The workshop language is English.


The workshop is part of the FCT funded project Selfing: Contact, Magic and the Formation of Self. It will be lead by the project researchers and their invited guests: Simone Abram (University of Durham, UK), Tamas Regi (Keimyung University, Daegu, South Korea), Saskia Cousin (University Paris1 Pantheon Sorbonne).

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