Hey does anyone know of a grad school/professor that specializes in the anthropology of art. I am thinking that this is a field that I would like to concentrate on after I graduate in May. I am applying to grad schools now so any advice will be welcomed.

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What kind of art are you interested in? Fine arts like painting or sculpture? Photography? Cinema? Also, what country do you wish to go to school in?

Richard B.
My interests are in indigenous art, material culture, technology, as well as fine arts and photography. I know I didn't narrow it down much but...I love it all. Cinema, I have never tried but it looks interesting. I have always been fascinated with how things are made. How people use the environment and create something functional (also how other cultures see that functional piece as art). I tend to see art and beauty in everything.

I have been finding it difficult to decide which field that my interests fall under...is it cultural anthropology or archaeology? Or both? Can I study both?

Ideally, I would like to attend grad school in the U.S. preferably on the West Coast. But I am open. Thanks for responding.



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