ASAO 2011 Working Session: Austronesian Linkages

Location: Honolulu

Time: 2/9-13/2011


Organizer: Kun-hui Ku


Discussant: Lamont Lindstrom/Bob Tonkinson


* Robert Blust “Proto-Malayo-Polynesian Social Organization: The Evidence of Language (Once Again)


* Toon van Meijl "Models and Metaphors of Maori Hierarchy"


* Thomas Gibson “Androgyny in Austronesia”


* Cato Berg "The Masking of Hierarchy: Austronesian Shrine Names in Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands”.


*Bien Chiang “Stranger King(ly Things) and All-Purpose House Among the Paiwan”


* Kun-hui Ku "Ascribed” and “Achieved” Status in Austronesian Taiwan: with implications for wider Austronesian World"


* Richard Scaglion “Austronesian Speakers and Social Hierarchies in the Pacific


* Glenn Petersen "When West Met East: Linkages from Eastern Oceania and Their Impacts in Palau and the Marianas"


* Nancy Pollock “Gastronomy as an Austronesian Linkage”


* Scarlett Chiu "Constructing social identities with materialized symbols: A story told by Lapita face motifs" [in absentia]


* Serge Dunis "Austronesian Mythology: A Reappraisal”


* David Blundell "Developing a Concept of Austronesia"


* James J. Fox “Where Does Oceania Begin?”


Please contact Ku if you are interested in the session. Papers are to be circulated before Jan. to secure sufficient time for the discussants. See also for conference details.


 Kun-hui Ku, Institute of Anthropology, National Tsing-Hua University, 101, Section 2, Kuang-Fu Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30013, <>

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