CFP: AAA Panel: “Perception, Production and Circulation: Sensory Ethnography through Media”

AAA/SVA Panel Call for abstracts

“Perception, Production and Circulation: Sensory Ethnography through Media”

Key Words: sensory ethnography, media production, anthropology of the senses, aesthetics, practice, circulation, affect


Session Abstract:

This panel is organized by graduate students at Harvard University’s Sensory Ethnography Lab in conjunction with the launch of a new academic journal of sensory ethnography. Selected projects/papers will have the opportunity to be published in the first edition of the Journal of Sensory Ethnography (working title).


Through this panel we aim to recognize and problematize the relationship between theoretical abstraction and material concreteness, to reimagine the relationship between sensing, knowing, and thinking, and to reexamine the implications of this for ethnographic media. "Sensory ethnography" holds promises of engaged scholarship that explores the evocative and representative, the affective and effective, the feeling and the meaning of salient features of everyday life.


Today the potential for innumerable combinations of media promises innovative modes of producing, transmitting, circulating and generating ethnographic material. This panel seeks to discuss these various modes and mediums vis-à-vis its relevance to improving our understanding of culturally mediated apprehension of sensoria. Submitted abstracts may include but are not limited to paper presentations, video, audio recording, and multimedia projects with a goal to elaborate the capacity of these modes for critical engagement with the emerging scholarship of sensory ethnography. Panel abstracts can explore (but are not limited to) such themes as: image production and circulation, senses and religion, senses and the city, memory, place-making, affect and publics, senses of home, sound/soundscapes, senses and the built environment, senses and gender, media and perception, ethnographic methodologies/ethics/research and sensory engagement.


Please submit abstracts, no later than March 26th, to:

Julia Yezbick:

PhD Candidate, Anthropology Department

Harvard University

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