After having posted a wrong review previously, I would now like to give it a new start and post reviews on Bruce Grant's "The Captive and the Gift" here. Cosmopolitan as we are, we start with three reviews in three languages: French, English, and German. The French review is from Nadia Proulx, University of Montreal, and not published yet. The English review is from Kevin Tuite, University of Montreal as well, and will be published in “Comparative Studies in Society and History“. The German review authored by me is currently in print as part of the Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 134:2.

Please read, please comment, please add reviews.

You may also want to take a look at the review of Michael Kemper on a recent book from Charles King called “The Ghost of Freedom: A History of the Caucasus”. You can find this review as part of a separate discussion thread on our group site. The review was written for the journal Ab Impero.

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Here's another, to my mind brilliant review of Grant's "The Captive and the Gift", written by Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov for the Winter 2010 issue of "Slavic Review" (vol. 69, no. 4). We do not have the proper page numbers by now and anyhow, this is just a draft intended for your information, not to be disseminated and not to be quoted. But this is all self-evident, isn't it? Please, comment!!

I hope to post another, this time Russian review of the same book and written by our fellow Vladimir Bobrovnikov, but I am still waiting for his authorisation.
Sorry - here's the attachment!
Here we go. This is the review from Vladimir Bobrovnikov, published in Ab imperio, 2010, no. 2, c. 275-287.



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