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here's a recent publication which I think is of interest for all of us.


Laboratorium No 1 (2010). Special Issue: Rethinking the South
Edited by: Tsypylma Darieva, Viktor Voronkov

Tsypylma Darieva, Viktor Voronkov. Rethinking the South
Caucasus. Introduction


Sevil Huseynova, Sergey Rumyantsev. New Life in Old Boots.
Making One’s Home in a New Village after Collective
Resettlement. Summary

Nona Shahnazarian, Robert Shahnazarian. “Show Me Respect.”
Discourses about the Parallel Economy, Kinship, and Corruption
in Caucasian Communities. Summary

Tamar Zurabishvili, Tinatin Zurabishvili. The Feminization of
Labor Migration from Georgia: The Case of Tianeti

Elza-Bair Guchinova. The Text of Deportation and Trauma in
Autobiographical Writing: The Diary of Arpenik Aleksanian. Summary

Yulia Antonyan. “Reconstituting” Religion: Neo-Paganism in
Armenia. Summary

Anna Temkina. Premarital Virginity: The Cultural Code of the
Gender Order in Contemporary Armenia(The Case of Yerevan). Summary

Gayane Shagoyan. Anthropological Notes on a City that Survived
an Earthquake. Summary

Evgeniya Zakharova. Street Life in Tbilisi as a Factor of Male
Socialization. Summary


The Ethnographic Study of the Caucasus and Its Social
Organization. Sergei Arutiunov in conversation with Alexander
Formozov. Summary

The “Wild West” in Azerbaijan: Notes on Late 1980s Soviet
Ethnosociology. Viktor Karlov in conversation with Alexander
Formozov. Summary


Oksana Zaporozhets. Abkhazia: Amateur Cartography, Points of
Reference, and Means
of Assembly. Summary

Olga Brednikova. Time, Forward! Summary

Elena Nikiforova. Between Adler and Gagra: The Border Matrix.
Nadia Nartova. An Essay about the Border.Summary

Olga Tkach. Mimosas, Beaches, Mandarins, or One Year in the
Life of the Russian-Abkhazian Border.

Sergey Rumyantsev. First Research and First Specialists: The
Social Sciences and Humanities
in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan. Summary


Левон Абрамян: Человек-праздник [Levon Abrahamian: Celebration
Man. An Online Festschrift]. Created by Elza Bair-Guchinova and
Gayane Shagoyan. Anna Harutyunyan.

Taline Ter Minassian. Erevan: La construction d’une capitale à
l’époque soviétique. Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes,
2007. Александр Формозов

Tsypylma Darieva and Wolfgang Kaschuba, eds. Representations
on the Margins of Europe: Politics and Identities in the
Baltic and South Caucasian States. Frankfurt; New York: Campus
Verlag, 2007. Владимир Малахов.

Mathijs Pelkmans. Defending the Border: Identity, Religion,
and Modernity in the Republic of Georgia. Ithaca: Cornell
University Press, 2006. Елена Никифорова

Lezhava, Nino, ed. Identichnost’, vlast’ i gorod v rabotakh
molodykh uchenykh Iuzhnogo Kavkaza [Identity, Power and the
City in the Works of Young Social Scientists in the South
Caucasus]. Tbilisi: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, 2005; Lezhava,
Nino, ed. Iuzhnyi Kavkaz: Territorii. Istorii. Ludi. [The
South Caucasus: Spaces. Territories. People]. Tbilisi:
Heinrich Böll Stiftung; Diogene, 2006. Madlen Pilz

Bruce Grant and Lale Yalçın-Heckmann, eds. Caucasus Paradigms:
Anthropologies, Histories and the Making of a World Area.
Halle Studies in the Anthropology of Eurasia, 13. Münster: LIT
Verlag, 2007. Цыпылма Дариева

Разгадать Южный Кавказ: общества и среда обитания: Сб. ст.:
Социология, политология, антропология, гендерные исследования
/ Региональная стипендиатская программа Фонда им. Генриха
Белля для молодых ученых на Южном Кавказе; [Отв. ред. Нино
Лежава; науч. ред. Екатерина Герасимова]; Вып. 3.
[Тб.]:[Южно-Кавк. рег. бюро Фонда им. Генриха Бёлля], 2008.
Новый Южный Кавказ: пересмотреть старые границы: Сб. ст.:
Социология, политология / Региональная
стипендиатская программа Фонда им. Генриха Бёлля для молодых
ученых на Южном Кавказе;
[Отв. ред. Нино Лежава; науч. ред. Олеся Кирчик ]; Вып. 4.
[Тб.]: [Южно-Кавказское региональное бюрофонда имени Генриха
Бёлля], 2008. Евгения Захарова

Florian Mühlfried. Postsowjetische Feiern: Das georgische
Bankett im Wandel. Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and
Society, 34. Stuttgart: Ibidem-Verlag, 2006. Ketevan Khutsishvili

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