I started this group with purpose of creating a space for folks to discuss the intersections of anthropologies and colonialism(s). Its been a long time since Ive bothered to look at OAC, but there are many members of this group, much to my surprise. Im wondering if anyone wants to join in a discussion about our interests in either or both anthropology and/or colonialism vis a vis each other? 

Im a PhD student working on the political philosophy of Sol Tax's action anthropology; a history of anthropology that  is not well known in  terms of Tax's commitment to American Indian activism and pursuing ways in which anthropologists can work relationally in non-hierarchical ways to further non-colonial relations in North Ameirca and his projects extended beyond Indigenous Politics as well (eg. Current Anthropology was launched as an action anthropology project). 

I would very much like to hear from each of you and see where the conversation might go. 


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